Help purchasing from - Paid Service

Hi Everyone
I am interested in purchasing some items on but i live in Sweden and it seems to purchase on the platform require a Taiwanese person or a foregin with residence permit in Taiwan.

Is there here any kind sole who can help me with this pruchase? If course I am willing to pay for the service.

Best regards

What are you trying to buy, and is this something you can buy from Amazon or similar (I don’t feel like there are many items that you can’t buy from Amazon if it’s found on Ruten).

Of course there are. Based on one of their previous posts it’s a rare video CD from some kind of collector, which is presumably why they’re bothering with Ruten and going to the effort of asking people living in Taiwan. Everyone’s heard of Amazon.

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I can help if the OP want it.

Then this is their previous post:

The seller also has quite a unique name on Ruten, which when put into Google brings up a YouTube channel and Facebook profile that seem to be connected. If I were OP, I’d try contacting them and seeing if they respond.

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Thanks Andrew for the input. You are totally right. It is a rare VCD collection which is not available on Amazon.