Help renting apartment in chinese

Hello guys, I’m trying to rent a place off 591 but I dont speak chinese. I have a place i like by taipower mrt. Right now I’m by Jingan MRT, not one word of english is spoken over here. If someone could pm me if you speak some chinese and we can exchange phone numbers. I just need someone to talk to the landlord on the phone to set a meet up time. thanks.

It is always advisable to go with someone, not alone, to rent, Chinese ability or not.

Yes agreed, unfortunately I just got here and dont know anyone yet. Ill give some cash or buy some 6 packs of beer whatever you like. my cell # 0979 523 985

I would advise then to move into an Airbnb for a week or two, to get your bearings. Do not rush into renting. Never. You will save money that way. Trust us old hands. :grandpa:

  1. Never go alone. Always have witnesses.
  2. Do not rush. Compare. Shop. Check during the day. At night. Big changes.
  3. get a local/old foreign hand to help.
  4. once rented, take picture of everything. test everything the day you move in.

Im in an airbnb this week, trying to get out of here by the end of the week. As im sure you know these airbnb’s are pricey compared to local apts.

dude, join a facebook group. there are a couple called language exchange and friendship exchange in taipei. there are like amillion taiwanese on those groups who will be very willing to help you out. there are not so many taiwanese lurking on these forums, its mainly foriegners.

and yes, get a local person to help phone is good but also take them with you to look around and translate too.

More or less. But most importantly, most are cheaper than hotels!

Unless you plan to rent from a foreigner, you need a local person to go with you.
Fluent in Chinese and Taiwanese… Could read the rental agreement flawlessly.

If you are working, you could ask help from one of the colleague at work.
If you are studying, try to get information from the Office of International Affairs.
A gift of cakes should do the trick.

Never go alone like Rambo in renting house.

Fake landlords are a problem in Taiwan too. They “rent” the same place to several people, then disappear. Take a panoramic video of the place while you’re being shown around and if the landlord dodges the camera beware. The key though is verifying the landlord’s id and legal ownership and that takes someone who can read Chinese.