Help: rooting my Sony Xperia Arc S

Please help a tech-chump like me!

I’ve had my Sony for about a year now, and it’s slowed down a lot, with apps, possible viruses etc. Friends have suggested rooting the phone and reinstalling the OS and data (contacts, music etc), then necessary apps.

I should obviously back up my contacts, music, vids, pics, and … what else?

I’ll lose my warranty doing this, but that doesn’t bother me. I just want to get the phone back up to speed. It’s seriously laggy.

I’ve hit up some ‘how to root’ websites, but no luck.

If I missed any threads on how to root Androids, apologies.

And looking forward to advise from the tech-sages!

Some instructions here: … ria-arc-s/

But don’t expect a miracle. Rooting can give you access to some of the ‘backdoor’ features on an Android phone, but unless you’re a developer or power-user, you won’t need them. And they certainly won’t speed up your phone.

Your contacts should back up automatically to Google (check your settings to make sure). Pictures, vids, etc., you can copy to a computer by connecting with a USB cable. Then just go into settings and choose factory reset, copy the photos and music back, and redownload your apps. Pretty straightforward and no rooting necessary.

I should add that many tech manufacturers actually design products to break down after a cycle of one or two years as part of a planned obsolescence scheme. If your phone didn’t slow down after a while, Sony wouldn’t be able to make money by selling you a new one.