Help "translate" this into English

A friend sent this to me, thinking I would understand it :unamused: The language looks daunting to me – but I’m sure it’s saying something important :shock:

[quote]The US reported an amazing slate of economic news last night. Each report was better than the market had expected.

Initial jobless claims fell 3k to 388k, while the market had been expecting a deterioration back to 400k.

The first look at Q2 GDP came in at 2.4% compared with expectations of a 1.5%.

The Chicago PMI for July, among the first looks at the start of Q3, came in at a strong 55.9, up from 52.5 in June, easily outstripping expectations for a more modest rise to 53.6.

The dollar was generally bid before the data and extended its gains in response. The euro fell to $1.1225 and the dollar rose to JPY120.60. The dollar-bloc remained under pressure.

US bonds reversed their earlier gains, with the 30-year bond futures posting an outside down day. Bonds and notes fell to new lows for the move than began in mid-June. Yields at the short-end of the curve also rose.[/quote]

Anyone want to take a crack at rewriting this in terms most of us can relate to? :slight_smile:

I’m guess this is good news overall :bulb:

Some possibly useful links:
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Or simply tell your friend that you believe in the random walk theory. :wink:

Hello, it’s me again. I have something else that I hope you can help me translate into English, this time from Chinese:


back when I was doing my PhD I had an American friend whose kindhearted wife used to invite me to dinner a lot at their place.

Sure, just for “dinner” :wink: :wink: Kindhearted wife :wink: :wink:

Thank you, salmon. But now I’m really confused. This must have been sent to me by accident.

Can you help me with this preface to the message:

Sure, just for “dinner” :wink: :wink:

'Kindhearted wife" :wink: :wink:[/quote]

You need me to explain this? :shock: :shock:

The wink wink :wink: :wink: suggests something other than what is “said”. :slight_smile: I guess you don’t have a dirty mind :wink: :wink: