Help translating address?

I make Glass Art Beads in the U.S., and sell them on Ebay. I received my first overseas order yesterday from a buyer in Taiwan. (Yea!) But they sent me an address without translating it for me. Can someone on this forum help?

This is the text I compied from my email:

111 臺北市士林區承德路4段80巷27號5樓 Taiwan

What is the translation, and how should I address the package?

Here is the auction

Thank you in advance for your help!

I’m also a glass art bead maker! What are the odds? If you do WetCanvas, I’m “Mabuhay” although I don’t post much.

Send your package to:

5F, No. 27, Lane 80, Cheng-te Road Section 4
Shih-lin District, Taipei, Taiwan 111 ROC

Best regards,

5F, No.27, Lane 80
Chengde Road Sec.4
Taipei 111

or you can print out the chinese address and stick on the package.

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe there’s another WC’er here! That’s a hoot. Thank you both for translating for me. Matthew, I like your cats! (I have two “so-so” cats.)

They’re not my cats, just a picture I found on the internet, sorry…

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What about 縣,鄉,巷, and 弄? (This is not a just hypothetical question.)
My guesses are county, hsiang (township?), lane, alley. But those are just guesses.

Sound like pretty good guesses to me…I might use “Township” rather than “Hsiang” though.

Isn’t it okay to have Taipei, Taiwan in English and have the rest in Chinese?

I don’t really know… but I was thinking wouldn’t it make sense that the US post office would read “taipei, taiwan” and sends the package to Taipei, Taiwan and once it arrives in Taiwan the locals can read the Chinese address and deliver it to the recipient?

You can directly print out the Chinese address and paste it on the pack, and it will be deliveried to the receiver without a problem. Just remember to put on “Taiwan, R.O.C” at the end of the address.
Next time, when u have another buyers from Taiwan, you will not need to ask for help of translating again. :slight_smile:

Purelove, that sounds like a good plan. This buyer said she was “too tired” to translate the address. This appears to be her first ebay purchase, so there’s a lot to figure out. Other beadmakers commented they have no problem with their buyers from Taiwan, but I suspect those buyers may have more experience.

Thank you all for your help - I appriciate it very much.

Renee Taylor

p.s. - Terry, show me your beads!!!

Actually, many Taiwanese people might not be quite sure how to Romanize their own addresses. After all, there are so many competing systems in use here…it’s hard to keep it all straight, and they wouldn’t want their EBay goodies to go astray as a result!!

(Renee, give me a couple of weeks…my computer just crashed, so everything is down right now. My studio is in the US anyway…I’ve still got about a month and a half here, then we fire up the torch!) :laughing:

Here is the online address translation service(Chinese to English) provided by the post office website: … ?ID=190103

You can get both romanization and Pinyin.