Help us build the Forumosa Knowledge Base

Hi folks,

Please help us build our forum archive by recommending posts that were especially helpful to you.

Just e-mail to us (

[quote]Recommended posts that are successfully entered into the Knowledge Base will earn the Recommender G$20

If you are recommending your own post (you are the author) and it is accepted into the Knowledge Base, you earn G$50

If you write an original article for the Knowledge Base, and it is approved you get G$50[/quote]

Please make sure to specify the following:

  1. Knowledge Base Category – if different from the forum where the post is found
  2. Suggested Keywords – a search engine just for the KB will be developed shortly
  3. Type of Article – FAQ, How To, Information, Tutorial, or Other

*Post numbers can be easily identified by hovering your mouse over the tiny icon to the LEFT of the Posted: dates above each post

When someone recommends a post and it gets accepted, he/she gets G$20. I feel that the original poster should also get some G$ or split the G$.

I figure that the G$20 is merely incentive to reward initiative.

KB chops ought to be issued every time an article is posted in the archives. imho, this is more valuable and visible :slight_smile:

What stops someone from recommending all of Hartzell’s posts and getting lots of G$? I think recommending a post should only be G$1.

There’s an unofficial Guanxi transfer amount of G$ 10. Befor the last big crash or two of this website, members were encouraged to limit G$ donations to G$ 10.

I want to provide a bit more incentive to those who have the time and interest to build th KB – so I want to make it more than the “usual amount”

Now, the situation you cite is an interesting one. If Mr Hartzell identifies and submits his own posts, he’ll get the KB chops, and may or may not take the G$ (he’s an Admin, so G$ is of little value for him). In effect, no one gets G$

If someone recommends something Richard posted before he submits it himself, then that person is rewarded for saving Richard the time to find his post. The recommender gets G$, Richard gets a KB chop

When I put up those G$ figures, I wondered if they were a little too rich. But I would like to fill the KB up sooner than later. If this doesn’t seem to work, we’ll try a different tactic. If we are deluged with recommendations and article submissions (uh, I don’t think so, but let’s suspend our imagination for the sake of an example), then we’ll know to lower the bounty

(and btw, ali, no offense, but you’re really cheap! :wink:)

Because everything in “Buy & Sell Something” is associated with money and obsolescence, it would be almost impossible to recommend something that will have value after a few years.

Good point. I was thinking that there might be something to be written about buying and selling things in Taiwan. Maybe these can be lumped in with Living in Taiwan instead.

I’ll remove the B&S KB section now. Please keep the suggestions coming.

I think you will be swamped with emails with different templates or incomplete information. Isn’t there a more organized way to recommend posts? For example a “Recommend this post” button that will bring up a template.

Yes, you are right.

The Recommend This Post button is still under development. As a temporary solution, maybe I can modify the E-mail this Topic post. But I’d honestly prefer to wait for the Forum -> KB integration.

Folks, please try to follow this format if you wish to recommend a post:Author: splam Category: Health Keywords: eye, surgery, vision Type: Information Post:

One of the Admins will get around to reviewing it, adding it to the KB, and then rewarding the Recommender/Author

I think the subject line of the email to should be:
Knowledge Base - (Category). For example:

Subject: Knowledge Base - Health

So that each moderator can identify recommendations related to his/her forum.

I think “Types” require some better terms:

  • “How to” and “tutorial” are too similar
  • “FAQ” will probably not be used
  • Need to add “Opinion”

If you want to recommend a post for the new Knowledge Base, please use the following SUBMISSION FORMAT:[ol][li]Send an e-mail message to[/li]
[li]Use the following SUBJECT LINE format: [KB Submission] KB Categories*[/li]
[li]Give us ONLY the following information:
Post Author
Knowledge Base Category – if different from the forum where the post is found
Suggested Keywords – a search engine just for the KB will be developed shortly
Type of Article – FAQ, How To, Information, Tutorial, or Other
Post Number or URL – hover your mouse over the tiny icon next to the Posted: date[/li][/ol]

  • Click the Archives link above to see the different KB Categories

For example:[code]To:
Subject: Knowledge Base - Health

Author: splam
Category: Health
Keywords: eye, surgery, vision
Type: Information

Kindly note: Recommendations that do not follow this format will be ignored.

Can you put more than one recommendation in an e-mail?

Also, what about big threads with lots of information in them that is not in a single post (eg Marriage in Taiwan)?


How will someone know if a post was already recommended? Maybe there should be a logo like a star on the original post with a tool tip that says “This post was recommended.” And if the logo is clicked on, it will send viewer to FAQ about post archives. The logo will also encourage posters to make intellectual posts following that example.

I agree, there are large threads with multiple posts that together make a very good archive. I hope each archive entry can accept multiple posts (from the same author if necessary) for a common “Description”. And in this case I think multiple links should be given in the same email for the “Post” field. But multiple recommendations for different “Descriptions” should not be in the same email because there are many moderators and there is a approval/disapproval process for each recommendation. If different recommendations are contained in separate emails, the moderator can easily drag or filter the emails to appropriate folders.

Ali, you are simply brimming with great ideas. I’m having a hard time keeping up.

One of the major modifications that I have yet to re-install is the Post Ratings Mod. We can designate the highest rating (or one of them at least) to be inclusion in the KB. This way, it isn’t directly edited into the message body, and can be easilyi created by a moderator/admin.

This is a little tricky. The KB mod that I’ve installed is still iin BETA (I think it’s version 0.6, or some really low release like that). It does not have any editing function, or any sophisticated reporting/recommending system. It does follow BBCode (at least) – so it’s input format is like a forum post.

I’m not in any terrible rush to get things on the KB, although I’m happy with the stuff that you guys have sent in so far. I’ll also be seeding the KB with stuff from the Segue Taiwan archives that our mods had collected.

I hope that by the time I start work next month (I’ve found a new job! :slight_smile:), (a) the KB process will be more sophisticated, and (b) the main technical/programming stuff will be done.

FOr what it’s worth, my understanding of a KB entry is that it is a “single post” – if new information, insight should be added to it, we can “edit” it by re-publishing it (well, at least until a new version of the KB system comes around).

I didn’t envision there being any “opinion” pieces in it though. THis is a discussion forum, so I figure there are enough opinions all around. If you feel the urge to editorialize on Forumosa, though, let me know and I’ll talk things over the the other Administrators. Pretty soon, I’ll be counting on them to make more decisions about where this website is going to go.

I think a lot of these FAQs should be rewritten. Having a look yesterday I noticed again how many times a topic comes up again and agian and again (esp in Legal). Yet, all the definitive info is not contained in one thread, let alone one post. Good FAQs should help prevent this. I think the mods of each board should have a look at all the posts and see what comes up the most. From there they could identify a list of what the most useful FAQs would be for their boards. Then they could post a FAQs needed list. Volunteers could look at all the backposts, gather the info and make a FAQ. I’m thinking of rewritten FAQs, with quotes for uncertain info, or contradictory opinions. Once the volunteer has written the FAQ, she could post it up for a week or two in a trial form to see if anyone else has anything to add or correct, and then reedit and it would go into the KB.



folks, thank you for sending in your submissions for the KB. They’re coming in a bit more than my (still light) schedule can handle. I’ll have to start batching these every other day or so pretty soon.

Two notes:

  1. I don’t act on all that you send in. Most of the time, I want to wait for others to “verify” their value – if there are posts in the thread below your recommendation that attest to it’s usefulness. On some occasions, different people recommended the same post (well, before I started marking them) so that’s also a good sign.

  2. Please include some DESCRIPTION information – especially for posts that are very long.


Scratch this idea.

The Post Ratings mod operates by keeping track of its own voting system. There’s no way for even an Admin to override this :frowning:

Let’s just stick to the manual edit method for now

  1. Is it possible for someone to write directly in the FAQ or Knowledge Base? For example, if someone had a question and another person wishes to give a detailed answer, perhaps it could be written in the FAQ or Knowledge Base and a link given to the person in question.

Note: This may split the forums into opinion/discussion types and Q/A types. For example if these links: “Legal Discussions, Legal FAQ, Health Discussions, Health FAQ” are all displayed on the same page, it would give greater attention to using Forumosa as an information tool because many users are coming to Taiwan, staying for a short time, or leaving Taiwan and don’t have time to view many opinion/discussion posts to find an answer. Discussion forum posts can continue to give G$1 but FAQ or Knowledge Base posts can give G$10 for example.

  1. Or is it feasible instead to have all the FAQ or Knowledge Base point to a particular thread or post? This is the easy way but kind of messy.

  2. Is it possible to give G$ to someone who uses an FAQ or Knowledge Base link to answer another person’s question? (Instead of possibly providing a poor answer.) And give additional G$ if that person emails additions or corrections to a FAQ or Knowledge Base?