Help, very new in this matter

Dear Forum,

I am here on a 60 day visitor VISA to spend time together with
my taiwanese girlfriend. I am looking for a job here, which
unfortunately isn"t as easy as I thought as a native german here
in Kaoshiung.

Is it possible to change my visitor statues into a working VISA
and a ARC ?? Do we really have to marry and if so, would it
be then still a problem ??

Can a company not provide me a working VISA with some
paperwork ??

Thanx very much for your hopefully plentiful help regarding
my problem.

If anyone knows also some people who are willing to learn
german or basic english at one by one, please let me know …

Yes. You need to find an employer willing to employ you. They then apply for a work permit. This in hand you change your visa to a work visa which is valid as long as you have a valid ARC. You then apply for an ARC on the basis that you have a job.

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