Help! What social media platforms are used the most in Taiwan?

Hello all!

For the very first part my Master’s thesis, I need to determine the most common social media platforms used by the foreigners residing in Taiwan, and what they are used for.
If you could fill up this quick survey, it would help me a great deal!

Thanks a lot and wishing you all happy and safe CNY holidays,


Forumosa is probably the most popular platform. Other less popular ones include Facebook and Grindr.


I clicked “Indefinitely” on the first page, and then got moved right to the final page, all done, without any more questions. Is that how it’s supposed to work?


Personally I think anyone who answers a survey from an anonymous individual without knowing the persons background needs their head feeling. Who knows the real motive behind this data miningexercise?

Define foreigners. Because that will matter.

BTW, CNY is over.



I suppose they don’t want our filthy ‘opinions’.

That was the easiest survey ever, but it didn’t really ask me any questions about social media. It was like two questions.

And now you got a ‘back door’, Trojan horse thing on your computer!

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Hi! Thanks a lot for your replies :slight_smile:
Regarding my background, I am a Masters student in NCCU (National Chengchi University) in the IMICS program. The survey is completely anonymous.

I swear I was gonna reply Grindr lmao

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Hi! It does not matter for this part of my research. Any foreigner residing in Taiwan is invited to answer.

It is still CNY holidays for us students :blush:

Hi Marco, thank you for filling out my survey! The first couple of questions act as filter questions. If the survey stoped right after those questions, it just means that you are not in the target of observation. It is completely normal :+1:

Wouldn’t that distort your results? I’m a foreigner who lives in Taiwan. Why would my intentions to be here change that?

You’re asking for foreigners residing in Taiwan.

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I don’t want to click the link if I’m not the target of your survey.

Grindr lmao is particularly niche?

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You a meatball freak?

Question answered. Not all foreigners.