Help! Where I can find in Taiwan a Wireles lapel mic?

PLease help I badly needed this for my sick mother-in-law, she just undergone an operation in her throat and now she can’t speak loud.


You can find the wireless lapel mic at any 3C electronic facility stores, like Daiichi(泰一), or Tsann Kuen (燦坤). But, if the lapel mic you mentioned is just for medical use, then you might have to find it in the medical equipment stores. In Taipei, you can easily find those stores near big hospitals, like NTU Hospital or Mackay Memorial Hospital.
Hope these information can help you.

Thank you very much! I still can not find this thing in 3C, can you confirm if you already saw this lapel mic in 3C and where is the location. I’ve been looking for this in Nova area in Hsinchu and 3C in Jubei but no to avail. Thanks again!

I bought the wireless lapel mic at Tsann Kuen(燦坤) in Taipei. You can also find Tsann Kuen(燦坤) in Hsinchu (Xinzhu), both Jubei and Junan.

I am not sure if my mic is the one you want. Here I found a product list from an unknown Internet 3C.


You can see if they meet your need. We call this product as "教學擴音機 " (wireless amplifier for teachers use). The one I bought includes an amplifier and three kinds of microphones, and the wireless lapel mic is one of them.


Thanks Rita!

Appreciate it a lot. God bless you and your love ones…