Help with avatar

I am computer illiterate…I have a picture but how it gets under my name in the boards is completely beyond me.


To paste an avatar you need to first ensure it is the right size. Right-Click on the file, and go to Properties, then look for the file size. If it’s too big (over 150 pixels wide) you’ll need to edit it in one of many image management software programs such as IrFanView, which you can Google for and download for free. Once it is small enough, then you need to upload it to the web first, for example via Go there, click Browse, then find the file on your computer (must be 150x150 pixels or smaller), and click Host It!. Then, one of several pages will appear. If it shows you a page with the picture to the right, and a whole series of 7 to 9 different addresses, go to the second or so from the bottom and copy the one that says Direct Link. Or, sometimes it won’t show you the Direct Link on the first page and you have to search for a link called Get Links, then that will take you to the Direct LInk to copy.

Then go to your PROFILE page on Forumosa, go to the bottom, where it says Avatar control panel. There, you’ll find an input bar entitled Link to off-site Avatar:

Paste the URL (i.e., web address) entitled Direct Link from ImageShack. Hit Submit, and you should be done. If that fails, let me know by PM and I’ll walk you through it a different way. Good luck!

Dragonbones is the best mod ever.
I’d get tired of answering this same question week after week, but he never does. :notworthy:

Dragonbones has ubuntu in him!

I wish all instructions given for things were so explicit. You are awesome!!!

Yes, I agree with Donald!

Thanks, Dragonbones for both your patience and clear instructions.

Even I have an avatar now. :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to figure out how you link your avatar if you have no place to upload it.

If it’s a still photo, one can simply store it at or comparable sites. I assume one can do the same with gifs at some such sites.


PM me if you have any trouble with it.