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Nin hao,

First lets introduce myself. I am Marcel from The Netherlands (Europe) and collector of small sea shells. Most of the items i bought so far were listed on the well known website ebay from persons all over the world.
Recently i came across and saw some listings that have my interest. Unfortenately i can’t figure out how to register on this site and because I don’t speak the language its difficult to contact the seller. Also with a site translating program I can’t really figure it out.

I am hoping to find a intercessor on this site who want to help me with this . Of course there will be a fair fee for all of this. I will pay in advance for every item + fee for your work + the shipping costs within Taiwan from the seller of the little shells to you + the shipping costs from Taiwan to The Netherlands.
This intercessor should have preferable an paypal account (like said, I will send money to you for all the costs and in my opinion this is the safest way ) and familiar/registered with the site.

note: it’s not about huge packages or numbers of sea shells. Most are tiny (a few cm)

Hope I am clear in my writing and that someone is willing to help me with this.

Best regards,

This question comes up once in a while, worth checking this thread:

If you’re willing to pay in Bitcoin, I might consider it. It depends on how much help you need to navigate the auctions.