Help with Cat Problem

One of the two homeless cats that I adopted out of Yangmingsan about a year ago has decided it wants to go to the bathroom everywhere except inside the litter box.

How to convince a cat to start using litter box again and quit going other places around the house?

The house and litter box is clean, nothing new in the house that I can identify that would cause cat to be confused.

Maybe the cats have grown out of eachother so to speak.
You could try separate litterboxes for the two of them…


I agree that they might need more than one litter box. One of the cats might be chasing the other cat away from the box. You should set up a box in a hidden place apart from the other box. On the other hand, if the cat is leaving suprises in places where you walk or will see them, perhaps he/she is trying to leave you a message, maybe an upset stomach or difficulty passing something. But first, try separate boxes and see if it’s a territorial thing. Make sure to pick up part of the feces and put it in the litter box, so the cat notices it when he/she is sniffing the box. Good luck!

Our cats have decided that they will use a combination of the two litter boxes we have down, one inside, one under a table on the roof, (and a little tiny one next to where the kittens are for when they start really peeing and poohing), PLUS our neighbours plants. Not ours, the sweet couple’s next door, or sometimes just the middle of nextdoor’s roof, not our roof.
We clean it up , tried drenching the pots and the corners they seem to like with perfume to discourage it but so far to no avail. And judging by the pooh it’s all three of them who occasionally decide to grace nextdoor’s roof (all their poohs look different).
Anyone with any ideas…?
Bless our neighbours, they’ve been so sweet about it, but we feel bloody terrible about it. :blush:

Well, if it’s not too often, it won’t really hurt the plants. But there are some things you can do to attempt to solve. You can put some rocks (gravel) or some aluminum foil over the soil because it’s the soil they are after. You could try to get some sort of scented plant that repels them, but I’m really not sure what kinds to get. You have to keep them from digging in the soil and tearing up the roots. I think the best answer is to find a way to block them from getting at the soil. Urine is dfferent… that’s bad for the plants because there is too much acid (or alkyline…I’m not a scientist) that is bad for the plants. Maybe you should set up a few big potted plants on your balcony to let them use for this kind of thing. Get some cheap plants, small trees, and call it their territory.