! Help With Editing, Proofreading, Writing Jobs!

If anyone out there knows of any good place to find a job relating to writing, editing, proofreading, journalism, etc. then I would really appreciate a reply. I have been looking and looking and have grown very sick and tired of teaching English and would like desperately to make the change. I have quite a bit of experience, but I am having a very difficult time here in Taiwan locating people/places that are interested in the above services. If someone knows of anything then you can feel free to email me anytime and pass some new information along - thanks a lot for your time!

Aaron S.P.

Tel: 0955603791

Email: aaronlsp@hotmail.com

There are some potential employers in the links section of the Taiwan Foreign Language Editors’ Corner. See also Calling All Editors[/i] thread on Forumosa.

Don’t the CHINA POST and the TAIPEI TIMES have ads for this sort of position?

I don’t know what your qualifications are, but anyone can get work at the many English-language study magazines and do freelance writing for test books and so on.

Wolf, can you do the freelance stuff via email? Taichung’s the nearest viable city with publishers in it and it’s a little far to commute.

Mod Lang, now that I know who to avoid, is there anyone you’d recommend?

ML, don’t be such a wuss. Let’s hear about publishers we should avoid. You don’t have to name names. Just drop us some hints so we’ll know.