Help with router

Hi all,

Will outline my problem quickly. I had a linksys wireless G router that I used. My ADSL line came in one side and I used the wireless capacity as a link between the router and my laptop. Yesterday the router died.Last year I purchased a D-Link dir-300 wireless router(I thought the linksys had died then too, but was only a power supply problem), and discovered to my horror that the web-based console is all in Chinese. Well, I am not able to read Chinese at all.I’m now sitting with the same problem I need to be able to access the web based console to put in certain settings for the router to work as wireless access point as well. I have 2 options "

  1. Flash the d-link router with firmware and hope the language changes to English.
  2. Buy and ASUS router and try to find out if I can change the web console language to English if it’s in Chinese again.

Does anyone have experience with routers from Asus? If so, what language is the web-console and can one change it?

Does anyone have any other advice? Or maybe and idea how I can change the language on the d-link router? I’m currently using my first ADSL modem for connection, but want to go back to the wireless setup again, and would apreciate any help.

All routers here come in Chinese by default, unless they support multiple languages.
There’s a UK firmware for the router here … /DLWrapper but you need to figure out if you’ve got version A or B.
The language will change if you flash it as I’ve done this with a different router that was in Chinese as well.
Another option, if you’re a bit of a techie, is to install
I’m running that on my buffalo router now (different version for the dir-300) and it’s a fantastic improvement over the stock firmware.
Buffalo routers come with a Windows utility for configuring them (as long as you use the stock firmware) which might be something that suits your needs.
Asus routers used to have a horrendously clunky UI, but I dunno what they’re like these days as it’s about 4 years since I had a play with one last.

Looks like the new Asus routers aren’t half bad … -Router/p1 but that’s the top of the range model

I’ve never had problems just downloading and flashing the latest English firmware for wireless routers. Give it a try.

:notworthy: Thanx for the help!! After trying a lot of things, I finally got the right option and got it in English. Now I’m struggling to set up the whole thing. I put in all the settings, but something is not right, and it doesn’t work. Got so tired of trying, I went out to buy a long CAT5e cable and got my old normal ADSL modem hooked up at the mo. I’ll see if I have the energy over the weekend to fiddle around again.

I currently have one of Dlink Modems that came free when i signed up for internet through Chunghwa Telecom, and it does not support WIFI. I was waiting for my Wireless Modem to arrive in my Container to see if it will work here before buying on. Now that it has arrived, i see it only has the input for RF type and no ADSL input, hence im looking to get a Wireless Modem/Router (Whats the Difference between Modem/Router anyway?)

Will the Asus one work for me ? All i want to do is take the ADSL plug from the wall, and plug it into a WIFI Modem/Router, and access Internet.
At a later stage, conencting a network drive will be useful, hence the USB functionality sounds like a good feature.

Appreciate the assistance

Uhm, RF type would be for cable usage, but it woks a bit different in Taiwan.

You have to use the supplied modem here, which as far as I’m aware always have an Ethernet port (I don’t have a model, but still an Ethernet port, as I have some fancy kind of Fibre something or the other). You’d hook up the modem to the router, log in to the router, enter your login details to your ADSL account (sure it’s not VDSL? not that it matters) and off you go.

So due to that, all routers here have an Ethernet input, again as far as I’ve seen and you just connect them to the model and live with two boxes (which is a bit of pain). Never seen an integrated ADSL modem/router here.

You could pick up pretty much any router here and it will work with the modem, just make sure you get one you can flash to English :wink: (i.e. check the manufacturers website).

Simple answer, yes, the Asus will work

I finally got my router set up. I bought one from the 3C store because the box was all in English. The setup program had a choice for languages. Much better than the D-Link I had before. This one is TP-LINK 300Mbps Wireless N.
I still made a lot of bone-headed mistakes so it took me from 3 P.M. until now to get it working.

Thanks guys for the help, think i will drop by 3C today and pick up something and take it from there.

If you get the Asus (or any other router for that matter) make sure you download the latest firmware from the manufacturers website and install it before you start setting things up. The Asus routers ship with a really shitty firmware, but most things have been fixed in the firmware on their website and other manufacturers are in a similar position. That said, Asus has a pretty nice GUI and usable “wizards” for setting up their routers.