HELP with website development

Can anyone refer me to anyone that is knowledgabele about website development in Taipei. Who built the forumosa website as there are some technological features on this website that I would like to have on mine. Thanks. Richard

The great and powerful Gus made this website using PHP BB.

Gus built this site using PHPBB at

Now I’m curious–what kind of site do you have?

Well, I dont have one yet - that’s the point! I’m trying to develop a website on behalf of a local chamber of commerce). How can I get hold of Gus???!!! If you your’e still curious, pleae feel free to call me on 0939 976091, Richard

Try a PM, or click this link

I’ve used the following host for the past five years: (ORIENTED and Segue used to use this host provider in the past too).

Now others use with good reports.