Help with work permit application


Without talking with them on the procedure to get your work permit, how would you be able to get your work permit?

You will easily find it by googling “Employment Service Act, taiwan”.
It’s Article 43 of the law.

I think you should carefully judge whether your employer is not familiar to employ a foreign teacher who needs a work permit, or they don’t have an intention to get a work permit for you.


The first company that I worked for here didn’t know how to get me a work permit. They were thinking that I would just work here illegally without insurance and fly to HK every 3 months. Without a work permit, ARC, you can’t apply for insurance plus you would be working illegally.
I’m sure that if they really want to hire you, this is not a big deal for them. Just paperwork hassle.Once all paperwork is turned into WDA, it takes 10 days for the permit to arrive. This is not recommended, but I will admit that I was working for them as they were collecting all documents. I had already quit my job in the US and was here.

Your potential employer will have to meet some revenue criteria for them to hire you as well as some other things for you (education, minimum foreigner wage) for you depending on what kind of work you are doing.

Best of wishes for your new employment.


This is a dumb question, but do you think they’d be offended if I sent them this link?


Best to send them something from a government entity website so they can switch it over to Chinese. They probably understand English, but they’ll read and understand it easier in Chinese.


Out of curiosity, is this for the teaching job in Taipei? From the other thread, it seems like that’s the one you had your heart set on.


Yeah I’m also curious which job you decided to persuit…


That is good advice. I will send the version straight from the government website.


I would suggest you to check sites below by yourself, and pick up which is suitable for your purpose. I put both of English and Chinese for each page.

But why not talk with them in parson, instead of sending a link.

The criteria to be eligible hiring a foreign employee is different for a cram school (=kindy) and other business company.
Employment Service Act
Article 43
Unless otherwise specified in the Act, no foreign worker may engage in work within the Republic of China should his/her employer have not yet obtained a permit via application therefore.
第 43 條
Workforce development agency
For Foreign Talents to Work in Taiwan

Their Q&A page will also help you to know on the procedure.


Okay, I sent them everything and they are going to call the WDA. :slight_smile:


That is super helpful, thank you. I am going to go get some dinner and come back and read these. Thanks @tando


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I think it’s sometimes better to take a chain school job for a year or so to figure out the lay of the land. Hess, Joy, Gloria, Giraffe - some shite like that. Yes, they will almost certainly w**k all over you - but it gives you some time to figure things out. They will get the absolute basics right.

At the moment you’re flailing about all over the place and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end.


Just one thing: “cram school” or “cram class” or “short-term tutorial class/school” = buxiban. If it’s a registered kindergarten, it won’t be able to get the work permit.

If it’s a buxiban with a kindergarten “department”, beware. The kindergarten may be registered separately (and may not tell you the truth about this), so working in the kindergarten with a work permit for the buxiban would be illegal, even if “everyone does it”.


“a cram school (=kindy)”, I mean “working in the kindergarten with a work permit for the buxiban”.

@greenocelot, if your case is this and your employer is not used to get a work permit, they might not do it “correctly”.

If your place is registered as a buxiban, but it is a kindy actually, it is still illegal, as some such kindies were caught last summer.

It’s important for you to recognize your situation correctly to avoid unwanted result.


Actually, if it’s registered as a buxiban and only a buxiban (no separate business entity next door or upstairs/downstairs), the teacher is probably safe, though the buxiban itself may not be.

Of course, if your employer goes out of business, you lose your job. :idunno:

If in doubt, ask someone who reads Chinese to verify the relevant information. (PM me if necessary.)


I wanted to update you guys. I went to the address at the WDA, but they refered me to another address at No 35, Sec 1, Zhonghua Rd, Zhongzheng, where you can ask questions for the work permit and ARC at the WDA. They said that the only documents that the employee needs to provide is the diploma, certificates, passport, and work history. They said that the employer needs to supply the rest of the documents and fill out the application. So i gave the employer the number for direct assistance, and they are going to call today.


This all sounds so unnecessarily complicated and ridiculous. Getting my ARC was the easiest thing in the world. My workplace gave me a work permit (and it’s been a while, but I think a letter confirming my employment there), and then I went to the immigration office and submitted those docs, along with my other crap like my health-check and passport. Viola, less than two weeks later I had my ARC. I don’t understand why there’s a whole thread about this, what your employer is doing, or why it’s such a process for you. I’d just take another job. If they’re dicking you over before you’ve even started, I can’t imagine what shady stuff they’ll be pulling six months into your contract.