Help with work permit application


Soooo, exactly what everybody said here. Give your documents to the employer and they get you the work permit.


It’s a good step that you know the procedure to get your work permit now, and your employer will soon know it too. The situation is progressing.


Eh, one thing: the workplace gives nothing. The work visa is theirs, your derriere is theirs.

But agreeed with the rest of the points:

  1. Applying for the work permit is easy . Adter that, getting the ARC is a breeze. Do not make it complicated. Delays? Stories? Something is fishy and you should better get outta dodge.

  2. Yes, you receive a letter or certificate saying that the Government has approved THE COMPANY hiring of you, you are OK in their registry, and you can start paying taxes and NHI and al that jazz like the rest.

  3. As said, one more time, it is teh company the one responsible for all the legal bits -permits, taxes, NHI, lao bao. If you think that going there and processing the stuff yourself will give you any control, I am sorry to tell you: not. You can’t process it. You are not allowed. The ARC is not like a green card in the US. It is never under your control. If you lose your reason to be here -work, study- then it is kaput. That is why we insist on people to apply for an APRC as soon as they can, and that is also why some jokingly refer to this system as indentured slavery.


Definitely! :slight_smile:

Today will feel like limbo because they do not get into the office until 2 PM. They are supposed to call the WDA office when they arrive. The WDA closes at 5:30 PM, so hopefully there will be a definitive answer by then. If they do not get back to me by 5:45 PM, I will Line message them.


If this doesn’t get worked out in the next week or so, I’d abandon ship and try another job.


I hope they can learn everything they need from calling the WDA today. Everyone at the company is really nice.


Since you call your employer the company, did you decide to take the non teaching job in Taichung? If so, it is not so much weird that they don’t know how to get your work permit. It is more possible than a cram school doesn’t know the procedure.


I just wanted to update you. :slight_smile:

They found out everything they need to do. They just need me to bring them the documents. So I will be able to start really soon.


Seems like he doesn’t want to answer that question…


Glad for you.

They may not know other things to hire a foreign employer too. So, it may be better you know some rules and your rights, to take an initiative when needed.

When your work permit is issued, you go to NIA to get your ARC, and provide the ARC to your employer, so that they can apply for your NHI. I’m not sure, but, labor insurance may need your ARC too.

You don’t need to answer which job you take. I just thought a cram school doesn’t know the procedure is a bit weird, but for a business company not so much.