Help your friends avoid bad music

Hi everyone,

Recently, I spent part of a Saturday evening tortured by a live band playing favorite oldies like “Go Johnny Go”, “Hotel California”, “Rock Around the Clock”, “Cuando,Cuando,Cuando”, etc

While my three companions, all Taiwanese urged me to forget it with their “meiyo guanshi” s…I did my best to exchange small talk. And, to tell the truth I did have fun watching the ridiculous gyrations of some of the dancers.

This was at 75 Lounge. The club at the Splendor Hotel, otherwise known as 85F.

How many of you feel the same way? I have been here for ten years and I can’t get used to going to KTVs, clubs, restaurants and always hearing the same tunes.

The evening was salvaged by leaving and going to Pig and Whistle. Sometimes you can blame the live band for the same poor choice in song. However, that night the dj was vibin and played some reggaeton. I requested more and he acquiesced.

Can we help each other create a list of good so-so and bad? Good as in music selection is modern, or variable, classics played are not of the overplayed variety. And bad as in always plays “Hotel California” at least twice per night, band only knows Western classics like “My Way”, “Only You”, and “My Girl”.

What do you expect from a hotel nightclub in Taichung? If they played “cool” music, none of their Taiwanese guests would set foot in the place.