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how to translate it into english?

how to translate it into English?[/quote]

I have (been) … for a long time.

“I have been thinking about this question for a long time.”

“I have disliked Vincent for a long time.”


Depending on context, it could also be “I’ve always ~~~,” like here:

“I have disliked Vincent for a long time.”[/quote]
This could also be rendered as “I’ve always disliked Vincent” (not literally meaning “always,” just for a loooooooooooooong time.)

那 这句呢! 西亚的球员一直以来都以出色的技术而著称。

No offense, Cloud, but this is a learning CHINESE forum…there are many other fora available for those who wish to learn English. Your questions are specifically about learning English, so please find an appropriate forum on the Internet.

…have always…

“West Asian soccer players have always been famous for their outstanding technique.” (I’m assuming this is about soccer players, rather than players from some other ball sport.)

As for objections for this post being in the Learning Chinese forum, I don’t see anything wrong with it, because by reading and attempting to translate cloud2000’s sentence, we are learning Chinese.