I’m a foreigner and I’ve studied Chinese for years now. was reading a chinese poem of some sort and I came across a sentence “夜晚的星星是我凝望你的眼睛”. I wonder if any of you know what it means. I see stars and eyes but I can’t quite grasp the meaning of the whole sentence. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS. there’s a famous chinese saying “世界上最遠的不是海角天涯,而是我在你身邊你不知道我愛你。” If you happened to know what 海角天涯 means, that’d be great!

The nighttime stars are my eyes staring at you ie (I suppose) Like the stars, I can’t take my eyes off of you.

海角天涯 sea corners and sky limits: the ends of the earth.

Dear Dave’s Girl,

“夜晚的星星是我凝望你的眼睛” is a simile. Just as lovers’ eyes blink affectionately to each other, the poet implies shining stars in the sky as lovers’ eyes and tries to tell her that he would never get tired of looking at her. This is the way (a conservative Chinese expression of love) to tell how much he adores his lady.

Another explanation is also related to lover’s affection. The poet, who wants to comfort his lady’s loneliness and fear due to separation, implies the shining stars in the sky as his eyes. He wants his lady to know that she is not alone anymore, for the shinging stars accompany her–just as his eyes are looking at her.

Too wordy? I guess so. :blush:

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The moon expresses the undying love of my heart?