Helpful article on changing jobs - IN LATIN - Thanks, Tealit

I’m trying to find out what kind of time period is allowed between jobs in Taiwan.

I quit one job and have found another that will give me an ARC. As I left the other job almost two weeks ago, I wanted to find out if I had 10 days, or 14 days.

The helpful fellow who answered the phone at Foreign Affairs Police claimed I had NO time, and should have left the country the day I quit. Usual nobbish police service…

Then, I checked Tealit, and found this article called Adding a Second Job & Changing Jobs: … e=changing

Great, Latin. I’m sure it’s very useful for Ancient Roman gladiators and such looking for ARC info. :noway:

WTF. Off to search the Forumosa forums, where I should have started!

The only time this is true is when you ARC expires on the contract end date. Then you really are expected to work a full day and then pack up and leave the country! (You can sometimes get a short extension though.) If you quit before your ARC expires then you get 14 calendar days from the time your ARC is canceled, or the ARC expiration date, whichever comes first. Since cancellation involves your employer notifying the CLA and the CLA notifying the NIA, in practice it can be a couple of weeks or more before they get around to canceling the ARC and notifying you. You shouldn’t count on this, but it will probably give you some extra time. One hitch though is that you should check with the NIA periodically to see if your ARC has been canceled yet, as sometimes the notification will go to your employer or otherwise get lost. When you find it has been canceled, then ask what is the departure deadline.

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Next time I call someone out in a snide way, I’ll make sure I’m not the one who’s wrong. Sorry Tealit…

An honest mistake, I think I would have thought the same.