Helping Filipina to get legal work in Taiwan

Hello all,

I have a Filipina friend, currently living in the Philippines. She’s trying hard to make a better life for herself and would like to come to Taiwan for work as a domestic helper. She’s already spoken with job agents in the Philippines, but they’re asking for an incredible amount of money upfront - they want 300,000 pesos (~NT$185,000). Would anyone here have any ideas of how she could apply directly to a proper organization without going through an agent?

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This post was bumped for some reason, but it got me curious.
Is is possible for a pinoy to come to Taiwan as domestic helper without going through an agent?

I’m not sure exactly how it works. But some countries for Philippines domestics to go work it’s free like Bahrain. Other countries they have to pay or accrue debt.

So makes me think there’s some kind of set fees either on the Philippine side or on the destination side.
General Information For Direct Hiring Service


No, but if you read about any of the marches a few months back, that is one of the main issues for all migrants across countries and industries. I know one naive young woman who signed a contract that left her in debt for years. Her family talked her into breaking it, but she was out a lot of money for doing so.

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