Helping out

I’d like to help a handicapped friend by buyijg one of those
small blue trucks I see everywhere.

We figured he can drive and drive only, but we’ll find
friends to move things.

I thought that since so many people found it hard to find honest
short hall moviers that this might be a good thing.

So, I thinking can I find a used small truck lot, and as
a foreigner can I buy it with monthly payments with
my friends signiture. He’s Taiwanese.

Ok, so, uh, what can we do to help you?

Does he want a blue truck?

Does he want to go into the moving business even though he’s too handicapped to move things?

Is this really the best way to help him?

Does he even want help or would he see that as an insult?


We figured he can drive and drive only…[/quote]

What about a Formula 1 car, it pays better!

Erm, or a container lorry,
or a taxi,
or a pick up truck driver
come on I bet there’s loads of these