Helping Teach English in Spain Jobs


Is this really accurate or exaggerated?

  • Spanish government doles out visas like candy to American and Canadian citizens
  • no teaching experience required
  • Three-hour workdays, plentiful travel opportunities, and affordable living
  • free healthcare
  • visa—is (a renewable) eight months
  • 1,000 euros ($1,167 at the time this article was written) a month


It says you’re not even teaching, but assisting a teacher.


Yes, Spain is an active European center for ESL teachers. Maybe the most active (Turkey and Russia are other hotspots iirc).

No, this job doesn’t sound good. If you want to work in Spain, there are better opportunities.

FWIW, my friend taught in Spain. He didn’t like it. He was stuck somewhere rural and said the kids had some kind of superiority complex; they either treated him like garbage, or just ignored him.


I wasn’t impressed with Spain’s friendliness. But maybe different cities are different.