Helpline for foreign women, children, pregnancy

Taiwan government provided service related to pregnancy, childbirth, laws and regulations, excetera for foreigners working in Taiwan.

Maybe something helpful to someone checking in here.


Waiting for someone to comment there’s no men’s version.

Another Tango42 Topic saved!


Migrant women used to be deported if they were pregnant …Is that still correct ?

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“Deported” is such a strong word. Better say that the government helps them return to their home country so they can give birth in a familiar environment and have their families around… \s

But seriously: Now I wonder if that’s what happens if someone calls that hotline…


The Catholic priest on ICRT Sunday mornings said recently there is assistance and not necessarily will be forced to leave in all cases.

Dear lord~i~dont~believe~in i hope that is not actually true!

Knowing so many people deported for retarded shit, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Just, severe disappointment!

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