Every one

Any people living in hengchun

Be great to get some feed back

just north of town, which one of the many go-cart tracks is the best?

What are you interested in? Its very hot and windy. If you like that beach atmosphere its one of the few in taiwan. But to be honest the people/customs are not taiwans finest.

Im here right now and its already started to get the afternoon rains. Its pretty tropical feeling for taiwan. The mountains are some of the safest here and not so steep. Lots of logging and insane wind so trees are mostly small unless you go into he mountains.

Lots of military excercises.

A not so safe nuclear plant nearby.

An amazing national aquarium.

Lots of interesting natural creatures such as geology, sand dunes, ancient coral reefs turned forests etc.

I love it as a place to visit, but not live :slight_smile:

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Explant .

It’s mainly because the air is very good . Down there . Yes that nuclear plant is a worry . If thAt went up we be in trouble.

My interest are swimming. Healthy eating .
Staying healthy . Family fun .

Racing rc model cars . I would have to invent a small rc track .

I know it very humid down there . Not sure if I could put up with it all year .

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Not sure of which is best . I know there a good few .

Very cool. The food isnt healthy there but if you cook its not hard to buy good groceries. Eating out is pretty typical pingtung quality.

Just remember its hot and windy. Not everyone can make it there for over a year. But others love it!

I think the healthy living thing is hard in Pingtung. Especially paychologically. My best suggestion is get a house that isnt attached to the neighbours and dont live near local family. Not wanting to sound negative, but those that have lived there know what i mean. They are the best in taiqan to get along with as distant friends but the worst to be around if accepted into the family/community as a local (generally speaking, many exceptions).

Otherwise great place. Swimming is great. If one can accept less swimming and more health/happiness based on cumminty, taitung is certainly the place to be looking at while still being similar to pingtung in many ways.


Thank you for your opinion.

It is an option for me to do 1 month off and 1 month work in Australia.