Henna Hair Dye

Where can I find Henna Hair Dye?

I believe you can find it at Watson’s. If not keep an eye out for beauty supply stores in Taipei,not the one’s that sell makeup and a few hair products but solely hairstuff. They will have it.

In the foyer of Taipei Railway Station, on the south side, there is one stall run by an Indian man. He sells henna.

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Most organic stores carry the commercial henna hair dyes in a variety of colors. Some carry pure powder for DIY.

Taipei City Hall Exit 4, walk ahead and look for a very (VERY) small sign on an A4 paper for “Indian Curry”. It’s next to Dante Coffee on the north end of Zhongxiao E Road. Buzz for 2nd floor and go up.

It’s a small Indian spice/import store and they sell henna. It’s the powder meant for hands, but it works on hair as long as you use petroleum jelly on your ears, neck and forehead.

Also Rana Fashion in Ximending (don’t ask where, I couldn’t find it without a friend) also sells henna.