Hepatitis A & B vaccine

Anyone received the three Twinrix Hepatitis A&B shots while in Taiwan?

If so, where?


I brought mine with me, and injected them myself.

Do we really need to have the hepatitis vacinations while we are in Taiiwan or before I come to Taiwan in January.

It’s recommended. Also recommended is a tetanus booster.

Isn’t hepatitis recommended in general? As well diphteria and tetanus might be useful.

I had the A+B over ten years ago…I guess it’s time I got them again? How long do they last?

AFAIK you have to do a blood test to determine if it’s necessary (blood cell count or something like that).

Hepatitis A:

[quote]Although one dose of vaccine provides at least short-term protection, the manufacturers currently recommend two doses to ensure long-term protection. In studies evaluating the duration of protection of two or more doses of hepatitis A vaccine, 99%

I don’t know that they were Twinrix, but I got some at Dr. Yang’s clinic located on Hoping East Road Section 2. If you want the address I can get it for you. It’s just a left turn out of the Technology Building MRT, then turn left on Hoping East Road. Walk about 20 feet and you’re there.

Dr. Yang speaks fine English. He’ll be there after 7 pm on any given day.