Hepatitis A Booster Shot

Does anyone know where is a good place in Taipei to get a booster Hep A shot? Reliable shots, I mean.

I got my B shots at Adventist Hospital on BaDe years ago.

Whilist on the subject does anyone know after how many years you should get a Hep A and B booster shot? I’ve checked the CDC website, but they don’t really give a clear answer. If I were to use their chart it seems I’d have to get one every 6-12 months. I was told when I first got them that they could last 5-10 years.

You should get your second Hep A within 6-12 months after your first shot, and then I’ve been told you are immune for years. I had about two months between each of my three Hep B shots.
I went to the Taiwan Adventist Hospital today and it cost me around 2000nt to get a booster Hep A.

That’s what I’ve been told too, but for how many years? You said you got your booster peregrinator, but how long has it been since you first got the shots? 1 yr? 5yrs? 10yrs?

The CDC site says this about the hep A vaccine:

Hepatitis A vaccine

Two hepatitis A vaccines are licensed in the U.S. for use in people aged 2 years and older. Each is given in 2 doses, 6 to 18 months apart. Immunization against hepatitis A is recommended for people at risk of getting infected or who may become seriously ill if infected (see chart). It is estimated that the protection against HAV infection provided by the vaccine will last for at least 20 years.


Thanks Jeff, the site you gave me is different from what they gave me. I assume Hep B will be in the same area, I will check. Thanks.

I’ve gotten jabbed twice for Hep B and will go back for the third jab this weekend. As posted above, you should have two jabs for Hep A. My doctor in HK said that a three jab Hep B vaccine is good for about six years. He said that the effectiveness might be longer, but people who are at risk should come back for a booster after six years. I think they might also do a blood test at that time. He said that the Hep A vaccine is good for about four years.

I originally thought that I would only get the Hep B jab. If you get Hep B, you will almost certainly have liver problems later in life. People told me that Hep A messes you up for a while, but there are no long term problems. However, a friend of mine got Hep A and it really fucked him up for about a year. He had to take all kinds of medicine and lost too much weight. For him, it was like a long, drawn out case of food poisoning. He had to take a lot of time off of work. I will probably go back for the Hep A jab, too.

Here’s a slide set. Slide 20 says the Hep B vaccine is good for >15 years.