Hepato Pro (Soy Extract Dietary Supplement with PPC)

My fiance’s father has liver disease (Cirrhosis of the Liver) from drinking too much.

There is a Soy Extract Supplement that is supposed to help. It is called: “Polyenylphosphatidylcholine”…She bought some here in the US for about $15 for 900 mg capsules (bottle of 100). You can buy it online but it is much more expensive…about $30 to $40.

The supplement seems to be helping his condition (at least mentally). Does anyone know where she can find it in Taipei?

Obviously he will need to stop dirnking to get better, but in the mean time this is helping his symptoms and pain.

Thanks for the help!

The pharmacy right on the southeast corner of Hengyang Rd. and Chongqing S. Rd. in Taipei sells a pack of 60 softgel (300 mg each) “Hepa Dietary Supplement PPC” Polyunsaturated Phosphatidyl Choline for NT$1,500. I believe this is more or less the same thing you are looking for, though evidently it is more expensive here, based on the price you found in the US.

Thank you. I am very much obliged. I will pass along this information to my Fiance.