Heping East Road to CKS Aiport -- Best Way?

I should know how to get to the Taipei Train Station, but I don’t. :slight_smile: I’m assuming I need to go to the Taipei Main Station. But does anyway know where the buses to the airport are located once I get to the subway station?

Where do you buy a ticket for the bus? Once onboard?

How often do they depart and how long does it take to get to the airport if I’m leaving in the afternoon (3-4pm)?

Thanks a lot! Need to take a quick trip.

Go to the train station, 100m West of it, on Zhongxiao West Rd. (same as the train station), is a bus terminal.

At the counter inside the bus terminal.

I think they depart every 15 minutes and the trip should take around 1 hour, subject to traffic conditions.

Have fun!

Thanks so much!