Herbal cigarettes

Anyone know where I can get herbal cigarettes (ie. nicotine and tobacco free) in Taipei?

I rean into them a few years ago, but again, I did not know where they were bought.

Taobao is selling them, however that comes off China, so God knows what they put in them.

Alternatively, get onto Ebay and buy them in the US. If the Taiwan govt decides to tax you on them, you go to the Jianguo South Road post office and pay the tax.

I’m keeping an eye out for Djarum… haven’t seen 'em yet though.


Mr. He, where can I find Taobao?

I really do hope you read chinese, or that someone close to you do.


I make herbal smoke blends in Taiwan. You can roll your own herbal cigarettes with them.

They’re here: English - 春日草熏

I realize this post is almost a decade old… Just thought I’d put the word out there for anyone else looking :slight_smile: