Here they come

So, Chinese drivers will now be allowed to drive in Taiwan.

Please be prepared for some super shitty driving, especially considering the ones that make it over there are probably rich, thus will treat the road and others like shit.

Herewith the article I read:

Most likely I’d have done the same. It’s my baby sneaking out the car into the traffic! :S


I don’t think the Taiwanese driving exam or driving education in general is superior to that of Mainland China. When it comes to vehicle management in heavily populated areas Taiwan could actually learn a few things from the Mainland, such as banning combustion engine scooters in favor of electric scooters.

It would be very interesting to see how Taiwan would manage charging such a number of scooters and without building another couple of power plants.

Shanghai BTW is ever so lovely on a coal-smog day.

You’d need one power plant: about 20GWh/day for 25 million electric scooters.

Whatever pollution it produced would be offset by the absence of 25 million badly-maintained lawnmower engines on the roads, which incidentally represents ~100GWh combined energy burn, or 2.5 times the fuel consumption of the power station you just built.

You could theoretically power them from distributed solar. You’d need about 5m2 for each scooter. You could fit enough panels for a couple dozen scooters on the rooftop of a typical apartment building.

Anyway - Chinese drivers. I can’t imagine they’re a whole lot worse than Taiwanese ones. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the first Chinese driver collides (as will surely happen within the first week) with a local.

Even if all the scooters were powered by mains you probably wouldn’t need another power plant , there are numerous private power plants contracted to Taipower with extra generating capacity available. It depends what happens with the nuclear power plants and a whole host c other factors, basically it’s a non issue. Plus they could mostly charge at night when electricity is cheaper

Me, my wife and 3 kids were housed in family housing at W.S.U., GOOOOO Cougs. Beyond the 2 inch walls . . . . . OK, another story, One of the families favorite, though meager, forms of entertainment was to sit on the front steps and watch the street across a small greenery. Chinese students with the male knowing all, pulls in along side the forefront car; then turn not so much and backs up and bumps the car behind. Then turn in the opposite direction and bump the car in front. Repeat until the car is less than 2 foot into traffic and all is good.
Off topic but…
Same student housing. I had an old VW camper van (crap so many stories about that VW.) Wife and I took all the kids to town in Pullman, WA. We left a 12 year old at home. BIG MISTAKE. The TV had an up control but it was difficult to lower the volume. As we rounded the complex, here comes the son, underwear and all flying across the green yelling to help him. The neighbors looked askance. He had hit the volume button and it went full bore with no way to turn it down.
His run across the green at 13 years old made him famous!. He wont talk about it.

I call “urban legend” on that.

TVs (until very recently) have always had front panel controls for channel and volume.

It may not have occurred to a teenager, but TVs do have an “off” button. Or a power plug.