Here's a free session where you will learn all the basic tax knowledge and get the professional help you need

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— For all the foreigners out there planning to start entrepreneurship in Taiwan.
—Here’s a free session where you will learn all the basic tax knowledge and get the professional help you need.

— Start-ups maneuver:company establishment & tax declaration —

:question:-How well do you know about the tax knowledge you must equip with to start and run a company?
:question:-Can you tell the difference between Business Tax(Sales Tax) and Business Income Tax(Income Tax)?
:question:-Are you aware that the one receipt you forget to ask could cost you an extra 25% tax?

:low_brightness:-Running a business without basic tax knowledge, you are very likely to spend all the revenue on paying taxes. This workshop is therefore here to help, expected to elaborate in the easiest way possible on all the tax knowledge you should know before running a business.

1.Things you should know before setting
up a company
2.Business Tax(Sales Tax)
• Taxable / Tax Exempt(Tax Free) /
Zero-tax-rate,differences & applicable
•How to compute Business Tax(Sales Tax)
3. How to compute Business Income
Tax(Income Tax)
4.Taxation planning for Business Tax(Sales
Tax) & Business Income Tax(Income Tax)

•Accountant Jason Wang
•Director of Brilliant CPA Firm
•Adjunct Instructor of Chihlee University of
Science and Technology
•Honorary Accountant of National
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Association Finance Advisory Service
•Honorary Accountant of the SMEs
financial autonomy program held by
Ministry of Economic Affairs

:alarm_clock:-Time:December 6th (Fri.) 3:30-4:30p.m.

:round_pushpin:ADD:-3F,-1,No.2,Minzu E. Rd.,Zhongshan
Dist.,Taipei City

:moneybag:-Entrance fee:free

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I wish I didn’t have a schedule conflict that day. Jason is a fantastic accountant and I know the session will be very informative.

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Looks great. Wish I weren’t in Canada and could come …

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Is it only about taxes or will you also discuss about insurances (health and labor) for foreigners who are opening a business themselves?

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Yes we also discuss about insurances for foreigners, because it is an important part of running business.