heres something I miss about Taiwan


I just spent all weekend under my house replacing pipes and had to install a new water heater because the guy who built my house didn’t install a pressure regulator on the main line. I had to low crawl many meters dragging a tool bag and getting wet and muddy on a very cold day. also cost about $1000 in material. I didn’t have those problems in Taiwan.




Where do you live? Africa?


At least replacing those pipes didn’t require 3 months of constant noise from jack hammers digging into walls and clearing tile. The because of chaBuDuo-ism have to do it all over again because it was done wrong,


Maybe you moved to the worst place for Plumbing competency on the Planet.
I will move Taiwan down to number two on my list.:grinning:



Point well taken. I guess i forgot the propane water heaters and giant roaches crawling in through the drains