Herky-jerky video

I’ve been taking some little vidlets on my new Flip Mino and they look fine, except after I upload them to my iBook G4, where they get saved in avi format and play in Quicktime, where they’re all herky jerky and basically therefore unwatchable. Any ideas for getting rid of this problem? And if I upload them like this to Flickr, will they still play the same way there?

Are you sure you’re copying them across to you computer and not playing directly from your camera? You know, play them with the camera unplugged.
I know these new-fangled gadgets are fiddly for old people.

Maybe your iBook is shite.

[quote=“irishstu”]Maybe your iBook is shite.[/quote]That would have been my second suggestion. But it should be powerful enough for most things. Unless it’s high-definition maybe. Which it isn’t. So I reckon he’s trying to play it down a USB wire and not from a hard disc.

Seriously though, assuming the original video is not jerky (have you checked?), then maybe your iBook is having problems playing the vid, due to not having quite the right codecs. I would really need to see an example video to give you a better answer.

If the original video is jerky, then there’s not much you can do, short of learning from this and making future recordings less so.

Shouldn’t be. I think those Flip cameras are pretty low-resolution (I think).

mismatched codecs.

happened to me (most annoyingly) after i updated my Flip4Mac web video thing. it burked up all my older little avi’s too (not that i have many, or that they’re important as I don’t teach any more).

no solution as yet, but i bet if i faffed around i could find some solutions online or from picking stu’s brain here. i think that codec management is one thing that is actually easier on a windoze box than on a mac.


I say “borked”.

These technical terms are very important!

If he didn’t have the codec it wouldn’t work at all. But it does a use strange codec that I haven’t heard of before.

Have you done this: support.apple.com/kb/HT1989

And got the latest Quicktime and everything, well have you dear?

iBooks don’t always deal with these things too well. Although they are the greatest computers in the world, they do run on hamster power.

When yer mac is playing up, update everything, delete some stuff, empty the trash can, switch it on and off again, spill some tea on it, wipe it with a tea towel, go to the 7-11 and then when you come back it’ll be fine.

I think I’ll start with some of Buttercup’s suggestions, apart from the tea-spilling thing – its just this morning that I discovered that where it tells me I need to enter a password to update anything, install anything, etc., I don’t actually NEED a password, so nothings been updated since I’ve had the computer. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try another route, plus I’ll try it in my work PC.
It doesn’t splutter at all in the actual camera, by the way, and I WAS running the vids off the computer rather than the camera.

Just press ‘Enter’ for the password thing, if you’ve never set one up. It’s so smellers can’t stick things on your computer, in theory.

I’m with BFM here, I had the same problem before with running vid off an external HDD via USB, and I’m not convinced Gramps really knows whether he’s downloaded the vid to the computer or the toaster oven anyways.

You can get USB toasters? Cool! Can you sync them with iCal?

You could try downloading “vlc”, which is a great video player. It can play just about any kind of video file.