Heroes! <<Beware spoilers of the latest shows!>>

I’ve been watching Heroes for a few weeks now, and I’m getting more and more convinced it’s one of the most coolest and creativist shows on TV about human mutants and modern age.

How’s that for defining the microcosm? :slight_smile:

[spoiler]We’ve got people developing mutant powers, bending time and space, flight, seeing the future, regeneration …good guys who don’t know they’re good guys yet and bad guys who do know they’re bad. And I’m talking brain stealing leave the empty skull behind bad. :smiling_imp:

Hiro, the Japanese guy who can bend time and space, is without a doubt the best character on TV these days.[/spoiler]

Check it out. You know how.

Ok. I watched the 5 episodes. Now what. How can I wait till the next one comes. Arg. I hate TV. No Entourage, have to wait for more of HouseMD, Heroes and CSI:(all). I hate waiting.

Is it playing on tv or is it a download?
Which channel?

TV, NBC. So you arn’t suposed to download it :wink:

Hiro’s got the shizzle, fer real![quote]

Millions of viewers of NBC’s Heroes know actor Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, the bored young Japanese office worker who discovers he has the power to alter time and teleport. What they probably don’t know is that he’s been working behind the scenes for years as one of Industrial Light & Magic’s top programmers.

In an ensemble cast that features solid acting all around, Oka steals the show every time he’s on the screen. The show literally has his Hiro living out the exploits of his own comic book, 9th Wonders.

Since graduating from Brown University in 1997, Oka has worked on more than 30 big-budget Hollywood films at ILM. During that time he has written more than 20 programs and 100 plug-ins for the leading special-effects house. While audiences might not have known his name or face until Heroes, they’ve seen his programming magic on the big screen in films like The Perfect Storm, Star Wars: Episode II, Terminator 3 and the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies.[/quote]

wired.com/news/culture/0,719 … n_index_24

This show keeps getting better. Wish there was more interaction between the mutants and normal people though.

Episode 6 has one guy who can walk through walls sticking his hand into the body of another mutey and killing her? dunno

can’t wait to find out :slight_smile:

Hiro still steals the show.

Actually, NBC has it available for online viewing on their own site. You may have to use a proxy server and pretend you’re surfing from the US, but you can watch it.

And MAN oh MAN was episode 10 amazingly cool.

Not many shows are perfect. They accomplish exactly what they intend for their audience and you wouldn’t want to change anything about them. Heroes is such a show.

All that and no conspiracy. Thank good.

Yeah, it’s GREAT!

Yep, awesome show.

episode 11:

“I really need to find that sword.”


Arggg… episode 12 won’t be aired until January. :frowning:

Time to check out Dexter. :slight_smile:

Time to check out Dexter. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Enjoying Dexter huh? :laughing:

Time to check out Dexter. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Enjoying Dexter huh? :laughing:[/quote]

Velly much so. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Josefus”]Is it playing on tv or is it a download?
Which channel?[/quote]

You can watch HEROES and all your other favorite TV shows on this website: tv.peekvid.com It’s completely FREE and there’s no downloading required. Just click and play.

It’s time well wasted!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


New episode of Heroes…January 22nd. If you know how to change the settings on your computer to make it “think” you’re in Canada, you can watch the episode @ peekvid.com and watch it there a day or two later.



soon :smiley:

Heroes is okay I guess. So is Dexter. Someone said Hiro was the most interesting charcter on TV and I’d have to say that just within Heroes I like PMS Mom the best. I find Hiro’s accent to be bouncing mor ethan he does. Sorry. Also, I like Peter’s ability to absorb others powers is pretty cool. A new show that I’ve been watching might be of some interest to you. Dirt, with Monica from friends. The photographer friend of hers is who I think is the most interesting character on TV. I also had to laugh when former Laker Rick Fox takes it in (not to) the hole. Also, someone mentioned House. I really like that show too. And Rome is back with a second season. I am glad to see that you guys like to talk about TV here.

Seems like everything is linked to this Linderman guy. Hmm… Who knows, maybe Linderman will turn out to be the guy behind Mr. Bennett’s group. :uhhuh:

Now we have to wait til next week to see what the invisible guy adds to the show.