Hess - Any proof W*nker Man was set up?

Does anyone know any hard facts about the woman who accused a foreigner of masturbaitng in front of her 8y/o daughter at the main branch of Hess in Taichung (SanMin branch)? The HESS IS GOOD thread died a year ago and I am new to this forum. I worked with him a few years ago.

Gus claims the woman made it all up - end of story. But, can anyone actually VERIFY this? It seems highly unlikely that a woman at a rival buxiban would involve her own daughter in a pedophile case just to steal some business. Please, I would like independent verification of this counter-accusation.

find the blue dress!

Besides, what kind of bushiban owner would send her child to a rival bushiban? If parents got wind of that, wouldn’t it make her own school look REALLY bad?

This sounds to me like a kind of urban legend, but if someone could find something to back it up…

At the end of the now locked HESS IS GOOD thread, Gus states that it was his friends in Taichung who told him that the woman made the whole thing up.
Gus, perhaps your Taichung friends were just passing on hearsay. Did you consider that? Did you verify the facts as you urged other users of this forum to do? If so, let us kinow. Thank you for your help in sorting this out.

Well, it seems Gus’s reliable source in Taichung isn’t so reliable afterall.
How embarrassing that must be for him, (read his lecture about verifying facts at the end of the ‘Hess is good’ thread).

Remember kids, don’t post anything you can’t verify and that goes double for moderators!!