Hess Educational Organization (何嘉仁文教機構)

If you come back to Taiwan you may be able to avoid military service by leaving the country every 4 months, this can be done by an overnight trip by ship from Keelung (Jilong), or so I am led to believe. If you should happen to stay over a certain amount of days it may be off to the army for you.

There may be other options. Anyone?

I’ve never worked at Hess, although I did interview and was accepted by them. A woman I know very well is working for them and loves it. My opinion of chain schools is if you’re new to teaching it’s generally a good thing as they provide a bunch of training which can only help. The pay is usually slightly less than what you might get other places, but often there are bonuses (real ones, not the “we dock your pay and give it to you as a bonus later”), as well as being in a system that has already worked out all the kinks so you know exactly what you have to do from day to day, and won’t have to ‘develop a curriculum’ because the boss is too lazy or clueless to do it.

However, having said all that, it is my understanding that each Hess school is more or less autonomous (sp?), and therefore your mileage may vary from location to location.

Well the bonuses at Hess - for me - included staying late to grade homework everyday (or taking it home with you to grade), coming in early for prep time, attending mandatory meetings on your lunch break, losing a day’s pay to attend mandatory training (oh, they gave you about NT$500 or something like that - so by the time I paid for the train and taxi ride I was only NT$100 in the hole :wink: ).
Based on the number of hours I put in and the number of hours I got paid for I figure I was making about NT$300 an hour before taxes.
Of course, after realizing this I didn’t stick around long enough to qualify for any real bonuses.
But then again, if you just starting out and aren’t worry about money…it’s a great place to work. :laughing:

Im starting for HESS in taoyuan at the end of august, and i was wondering if anyone had any particuarly tragic or uplifting stories to recount about prior experiences with this company.

I applied with them largely because they seemed stable, reputable and organized, and so far so good… but I’ve heard afew negative stories as well.

No shite? Whereabout in Taoyuan? There is one close by to my place in Taoyuan City. And if you want to see some feedback on not only Hess but other schools, this is a good place to start:


Helpful, but also very depressing in a lot of ways. Most accounts on there are negative, and some people get very nasty. Good luck.

There are lots of threads on Hess already. Here are some;

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[Hess Educational Organization (何嘉仁文教機構)

God, for a moment I thought this was going to be a satire thread…

From what I’ve heard - bear in mind, I’m not an English teacher - you should take the negative comments with a grain of salt. People who’ve had bad experiences with a place tend to be a lot more vocal than those who’ve had only good.

hey the school i work for is paying more than Hess, we are next door (actually just down the street)
check it out “Our School”
i’m also from TO

This might help.


Hess is a chain school. This means practices are varied and so is management style and payment. I met one teacher, while I was living in Taichung county who worked 9 teaching hours but had to be in the office from 1pm to 9pm as he was salaried and another who was paid hourly at a lower rate than most would take. As it is a chain its difficult to say what it would be like without personal experience and then that varies from person to person here.

From what I’ve heard, the benefit of working for Hess is that they take care of everything for you. Find you a job, help with housing, orientation, etc…

Hess teachers also like that they aren’t going in “cold”. They train you and have a curriculum.

The downside that I’ve heard of are basically when a Hess job is contrasted with jobs that people find on their own. You can get a lot more money for less hours at other schools. You can shape your schedule more to your liking, you meet people other than Hess staff (Hess teachers tend to flock and have “Hess” parties, etc…).

Kind of depends whether you want to turn up and do it yourself and get yourself the best possible NT$ for your time or have everything arranged for you in advance and work for less.

Hope this second-hand info. helps!


p.s. What part of Toronto? In the 90’s, I lived in Cabbagetown for 4 years.

haha… hess parties? thats something i’d avoid like the plague unless of course they were all really great people. something tells me people that would have exclusive “hess” parties on a regular basis wouldn’t necessarilly be all that great though.

thanks for the info everybody… i guess i’ve largely applied with them for all the reasons everyone mentioned… the security, the curriculum (the fact that other than having my political science degree, which isn’t exactly training for teaching english, i have no training whatsoever)

i always kindof thought that there might be much better deals out there at other schools, but i didn’t want to risk coming there completely unpreparred and without a job… i feel like i’ll have enough stresses to deal with at first, finding a job would be too much.

i’m not sure of the actual address of the school so far, they’ve only told me that i’ll be in taoyuan. it seems like an ok place, at least the rent is pretty cheap compared to taipei… or toronto! :slight_smile:

currently im living in etobicoke, near the lakeshore… i used to live up by york university though in north york

God, how pathetic! Imagine if we did that at Forumosa … :blush: :wink:

I’ve heard of hess. they make after market FNFal recievers for the civilian market in the usa. they appear to be cast steel and of dubious quality. they’ve recently been making ar15-m16 recievers and they are cast aluminum and prone to excessive wear around the front pivot pin leading to a loose upper and lower reciever fit.

I cant say that ive heard of them in taiwan though.
sounds like a catchy name for a school.

just so i dont get in trouble, they are a chain of schools in taiwan and another company by the same name sells weapon parts and rifles in america[/size]

It’s a nice starting point, I guess. :idunno:

Get your feet wet, learn how to swim, and then find a better pool (with higher pay).

Actually, Hess should think about using that as their slogan.

[quote=“ImaniOU”]It’s a nice starting point, I guess. :idunno:

Get your feet wet, learn how to swim, and then find a better pool (with higher pay).

Actually, Hess should think about using that as their slogan.[/quote]

Can’t you just feel the love for Hess in this thread? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


SO much love

no regrets… can’t possibly be worse than my current employer…starbucks.
somewhat off-topic, but did anyone know that literally half of the people working for starbucks in toronto have university degrees? damn thats depressing

Chewycorns might have something to say about that, given his view on the worth of a Canadian Ph.D. :laughing:

Hey, Hess is just a big company. They just opened a school in Singapore, too. I’m a Hesser. I figured, I didn’t come to Taiwan to make money, and if I’m going to have a job where I speak English, I might as well stay with good old Hess.
The pay ceiling right now is 730 NT an hour. It’s lower than most, but once you got the Hess method down, you just breeze through the classes and it’s all good.
They have parties to welcome the newbies. The only people who go are the newbies, their trainers, and their future managers. You might meet some trippy people - more than 50 percent of whom will leave Hess super fast.
It’s a growing company.
The cool thing is, if you like it, you can transfer to different cities in Taiwan for your next contract. My best times were in Taichung. Now I’m in Taipei, and it’s cool, but I still miss Taichung…
Gong-Yi, Mei-Cun branches rock!

I graded homework in tea shops. Taichung has all these cool tea shops with big, giant mugs of iced green tea and awesome wooden retro decor.

I just got the big giant mug of tea, listened to the Taiwanese pop music and graded my homework (saved it all and did it on Wednesdays and Sundays). Then I’d order another tea and study Chinese. Life is good.