Hess Educational Organization (何嘉仁文教機構)

I just had my interview with HESS yesterday evening. I think it went very well and I expect to land the job. I am a black American female and the woman that interviewed me was Asian. She did mention the discrimination that takes place in Taiwan against non-white English teachers. She even shared her stories with me. But so far my experience with HESS has been positive and I really don’t see any problems in the future. They seem to be very professional and I look forward to signing a contract with them.

Neffy: That’s what everyone says. Hess has a very slick marketing campaign and a very slick human resources department. Currently you’re wherever you are and they have absolutely zero leverage over you other than the fact that you want the job and want to come to Taiwan.

Wait until you’re here (and have commited time and money to be here and don’t want to just cut your possibly significant financial losses and just leave within three months) and your ability to stay here is dependent upon you having a work permit and ARC through them. Then the thumbscrews come out and start to get tightened very quickly.

Yes, their recruiters are generally professional. Hess is very good at introductions. If you have a good attitude and listen carefully to both what is said and what is not said (being black American you may have some experience doing this) your Hess experience can be a positive one. Make sure to read the Hess threads here so that you go in with your eyes open. Let us know if you eventually work for them. It’s been a while since I’ve been at the Hippo so I’m curious as to what it’s like now.

I think I’ll add my generic ‘I worked at Hess and enjoyed it’ post . Hess employs a lot of people at a lot of different schools, I’m sure that many of those schools suck , but that is the case for any large organization . I know that , here in the south , lots of the teachers have enjoyed their time with Hess. I find a lot of the teachers who didn’t enjoy it had unreasonable expectations, which is partly Hess’s fault and partly theirs .

I had no idea Hess is in the logistics business… But here it is.

Is that where they store the teachers when they’re not in use?


There will be lot of sticky balls in there.


Maybe they put them in cryonic suspension.


This seems like the main thread for Hess.

If anyone has any current experience with Hess, please share. Please share the good, the bad, and any other feelings you have about your school and the organization.

Current reviews will be helpful. Ideally 2015 till now (2021). All the conversations about Hess on this thread has been 2011 and prior.