Hess interview?


Next week got an interview with Hess Academy? Can anyone that has worked with Hess provide some advice tips during the interview? What kind of questions will they ask? Will I need to do a demo? Please elaborate.


There are plenty of posts on the forum with regard to Hess. Suggest you do a search.

Also, how’s the demo?
thanks, any advice would be helpful.

I’m not a Hess teacher, but I’ll take a stab at this one anyway.

Be prepared for any of the following:

Tell me about yourself. (This is not a question; it’s a command. Keep it brief and upbeat . . . Name, Date and place of birth. Don’t mention any prison time.)

Have you ever taught before? (Say, “Yes” even if it was just teaching a little brother where Dad’s pron collection was hidden.)

Do you like kids? “Yes!”

Where do you see yourself in 10 months? “Here!”

Take notes when they say anything . . . uh . . . when they say anything.

Keep repeating things like, “I’m ready to go!”, “Just point me to the room!” and “When can I start?”

Nothing will score you points like bringing your own sticky balls to the demo. If they ask if you need anything for the demo, say, “No thanks. I’ve got my own.” (Show the balls and wink.)

During the demo . . .

If a secretary answers a question correctly, say, “Good job!” (Give her a sticker.)

If a teacher screws one up, say, “Nice try!” (High five)

Good luck! :thumbsup:

I wouldn’t worry too much about the interview. They are always desperate for teachers (since people are quitting all the time) and most of their new teachers do not have any teaching experience, so if you have any experience whatsoever, you are pretty much a shoe-in. I’ve never heard of anyone having to do a demo for Hess. Most people get hired over Skype.

Questions I remember from the interview:
-Do you have any experience traveling abroad?/What kind of difficulties do you think you will face living in a foreign country?
-If you were teaching and the students were misbehaving (talking in Chinese, playing, etc.), what would you do?
-Do you like kids? (Obviously you should answer “yes”)
-Why do you want to come to Taiwan?
-What do you think will be your biggest challenge as a new teacher?

…and just basic stuff like that. No surprises.

Make sure you do your research, I haven’t worked at Hess, but in almost two years out here I’ve never heard anything good about them.