Hey Foreign TCM'ers! Want to hook up?

Recently I and a few other TCM practitioners got together for lunch near ShiDa. It was a chance to meet a few new people and find out who all was here doing some form of the “study Chinese/Chinese Medicine” thing here in Taiwan.

I thought it would be interesting to find out how many more folks might be out there who would be interested in forming a very loose (no, not THAT kind of loose!) association, in order to share what we know/have found out while here in Taiwan.

PM me if you’d like more information, and I can put together a mailing list of some sort.

I am interested.

I’d be interested in hearing what’s happening. I’m no longer in Taiwan, but I am a qualified Mongolian/barefoot doctor.


Well, you have responded almost a year after I initially posted this. It’s too bad, as now I’m one week away from leaving this fair island to move back home and open a clinic. For a while there we had a good number of us meeting semi-regularly, but now most people have either moved out of the country or gotten too busy.

We had some good times though.

Ha ha ha! Trust Juba to raise a long-dead post . . and for me to not notice the date! :laughing:

Happy return FearsomeOrange. All the best with the clinic . . where’s home?


We’ll be calling Canada’s fine West Coast home, but first we’re going to road-trip across to Ontario, and possibly down into the States. We’re planning on settling on Vancouver Island in the fall.

Sounds perfect!

All the bestest.