Hi from a FOB&ABC

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself and acknowledge the oxymoron in my subject title. I was born in the States, but lived in Taiwan for 15 years. Attended an American school, and am now finishing up college in the States. I’m a native speaker in both languages, although that might be pushing it a bit for Mandarin. Current plans are to stay in the States after graduation, but the urge to go back to Taiwan is stronger than ever. (Any gasps of horror?) Looking forward to getting to know y’all.

Welcome Melodious!

Gasps of horror? Not at all! Taiwan is great.

Welcome to Forumosa! :slight_smile:

Welcome. :sunglasses:

Thank you everyone! :smiley:

We-ell, I’m looking through almost all the subforums and am getting hit with quite a few horror stories about working in Taiwan and dating/making friends on the island. Juxtapose that with my not so fond memories of the climate and crowds of people (granted, those are the only negatives I can think of. I thoroughly enjoy the variety, convenience, and the fact that almost all my family is there), it’s really making me wonder if I’m serious about going back to Taiwan in a few years.

Granted, I definitely won’t be an English teacher, but gosh all those threads about negative experiences in the work section are quite daunting!

What would be your take on how an ABC in the terms of how she likes to interact with people (very outgoing, likes to know a huge group of people, extreme range of interests), yet a FOB at heart (in terms of pop culture, closest friends are Chinese/Taiwanese) would fare in Taiwan these days?

Not to diminish them, but you have to keep things in context. Nobody thinks “Hey, I had a great day at work, I’m being paid well, and treated fairly - I think I’ll post about it!” It’s when things go bad that people tend to post.

This young lady i know has similar background to yourself and shes been back in Taiwan for 3 years now. She does feel that the locals are different in their thinking versus herself (shes born in taiwan but left at a very young age and is Merican educated and now back as a young adult on the rock). But she got a good job due to her english and mandarin abilities and her ivy league degree. BUt she prefers to hang out with fellow people like herself rather then locals on a personal basis.

Maoman - True that. This is one of the reasons why I keep kicking myself to be more diligent about keeping a journal. Certainly doesn’t shed any light on what my decision about something should be when the only times I write about it is to go into an unholy rant.

tommy - The world is a small place, I would’ve thought that there’s no one like me in Taiwan (oh the follies of youth thinking we’re so special). It seems like a lot of American educated folks return to Taiwan for their retirement. Would you mind me asking what industry she works in? While not an Ivy League degree, I do attend the currently number one ranked undergrad business school, so I might be able to look at her experience and extrapolate it to myself. Are there are lot of folks like her to hang out with? (I’m also assuming she lives in Taipei).