Hi Meta tags in Chinese, Taiwan domain com.tw


I would like to get a site listed in the Taiwan google. I know most of the tricks about how to get it listed on google ie correct meta tags etc etc
What i would like to know is this. When a Taiwan user types a search string in Chinese into Taiwan google (specifying search in Taiwan pages only) does your site have to be a www.bbbbb.com ? So does that site have to be specifically a .tw domain to come up in the taiwan only google hit results ? Do I have to change my site from a .com to a .com.tw in order for it to be listed in Taiwan google ? Also is there any difference in using Chinese character metatags to English metatags ? I dont want my bi-lingual site to come up in the English lanuage searches in google.com but i want it to come up In the chinese language .tw . Also does the server i am using to host my site also have to host .tw domains. So i buy the domain name from one company but am using a server to host my site that says they do not host taiwan domain names ! basically how do i get onto taiwan google (i dont care about english google as i am aiming at the taiwan market) ? I would appreciate some advice as this is very hard to research!