Hi-net -> US latency

I play World of Warcraft on the US servers. I use a service called wowtunnels that is supposed to reduce your latency by using SSH tunneling. It’s worked pretty well so far, giving me latencies of around 300ms even in peak times.

This last week though it’s been insane. It seems to start at around 4pm and the latency just starts climbing through the roof till I’m playing at 1000ms and higher. I connect normally to the WoW servers without using wowtunnels and there’s no difference either.

I did a tracert and there appears to be a bottleneck somewhere on the hi-net network, (r11-pa.us.hinet.net) where the hops start going from 40ms to 700ms +. This seems to be the international link for Hi Net to the US.

I’ve tried phoning hi-net and e-mailing them and it seems like getting English service is impossible.

Anyone know what the issue is? Is it something to do with the typhoons we’ve been having? Are they running on backup lines? I’m paying for the 8M service from Hi-net but at this rate I might as well be using a 56k modem.

From what I’ve heard, all the other internet services go THROUGH hi-net, so as far as I know I can’t even switch service providers.

Is anyone else getting a similar problem? Any ideas?