Hidden Forumosans

At the bottom of the index page, in the “Who is Online” section, there’s a line that reads “There are xx people online :: x Forumosans, x Hidden Forumosans and x Guests”.

Who are the Hidden Forumosans? What do they want? Why are they hidden? What are they hiding from? Should I hide myself too? Will I be safer that way? :help:

Don’t really know. I assume they are people who don’t want anyone else to know they are online.

And … they are not going to answer on this post … they still want to lurk in the dark … they don’t want to give themselfs up :laughing:

I do that once in a while. I don’t want people to see how sad I am because I’m online everyday. Five times a day.

Five times is sad? I must be psychotic then.

Phew. I’m only one once a day. Unfortunately it’s pretty much all day.

Gosh, I’m always connected. I must be a madman. I think you’re on quite scanty.

My status is always hidden because I’m afraid to be banned again. It’s all part of my new low profile approach to posting. Hell I can even argue ever posting this since I wasn’t even logged on. Shhhhht! I’m not here right now… :smiley:


I post from behind trees.

Yeah, I’m one of the hidden ones.

I also:
“Appear Offline” on MSN Messenger, or block 90% of my contacts when I am “Online”
Never answer the home phone (except for at 4am the other morning, many gracious thanks to you, you cck-swllwng cm-dmpster of a prty btch [can I say that?] who kept silent through my groggy “Hwarrohs?” before hanging up)
Only answer the door-buzzer if I’m expecting company
Never answer unknown numbers on my cell phone (unless it’s an unknown number from Taichung or Kaohsiung at 7 in the morning, because the old person on the other end [which it invariably is - where do they get my number? Public restroom walls?] needs to be rapidly put straight that my number is not for their own personal use)
Spend my ambulation time with headphones on, head down, scowl affixed to face, just in case someone thinks I’m friendly and approachable

Just ask the veritable platoon of people I don’t spend my time with.

(Editted to make it more readable for kids under 18)