Hidden gems

I have about 24 more days in Taipei and I don’t know where to go anymore. I have seen all the tourist attraction. Now I want to find the hidden gems in and around Taipei. Where should I go? Everything from a cool store to a peaceful street, gallery, bar, etc.

Come to Neihu and hike up Bishanyan, it’s a beautiful temple on the peak, but you can stop midway for panaromic views of the city, and great views from the temple too.

I really like the miniature museum downtown, it is great for a post lunch stroll.

Cool is subjective, but I think Earthtree is a pretty cool store, at Xinsheng S. Rd. Sec. 2, Lane 30, 35-1; that’s an alley parallel to Yongkang St… They also opened a new, bigger store near Spot: ZhongShan Station Exit 2, next to “Spot” movie theater. Here’s an article on them:
taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar … 2003452007

There’s also a cool store hidden in the Raohe night market.

Hang out with a book in the Xin Beitou library.

Read the Hungry Girl blog for interesting restaurants and cafes.

Go to the Wistaria tea house.

The Taipei Story House is a gem, albeit one that takes just a few minutes to see. But it’s closed because of preparations for the flora expo.

Walk shuị̌guǎn lù from Tianmu toward Chinese Culture University. It’s just stone steps up the mountainside; but once you get near the top there’s a nice path off to the left.

Take the Pingxi train line.

Since you were asking before about foreign journalists, you might want to go to the meeting soon of the foreign journalists in Taiwan, which will be on the new movie Formosa Betrayed. For details, contact Jerome Keating: jkeating [insert At sign] ms67.hinet.net.

After the zoo, some friends and I went up the gondola to this little tea town. There were some good tea shops there. I had deep fried tofu for the first time and it was the best thing I’ve eaten so far in Taipei. :slight_smile:

If you have any mode of transportation (or are willing to take train, rent a car, etc) there is interesting stuff around Taipei.

There are interesting places around Yangmingshan - did you go anywhere there, yet?

On the North Coast I would go to the Jeliou Geopark, where (if everything is opened, not like the last 2 times I wnet there most of it is closed for renovation) you can see lots of really oddly shped stone formations, and have nice walks

Also there are beaches, rock climbing / cycling / snorkeling possibilities (the latter two with easy equipment rental), nice harbours with fresh seafood, etc. on the north coast. Even Paragliding…

Then, in Taipei, there are the weirdest of museums. Try the miniatures museum or even the Nougat Museum ^^

If you are willing to take plane and rent a scooter, Kinmen / Jinmen is a very cool place to stay in my opinion. An island very close to China, with a quite military past.

Also of course the other Taiwan “sights” like Taroko Gorge, Sun Moon Lake, Kenting etc. might be something not to miss before leaving - from your original post it is not clear if you just saw all Taipei sights, or also Taiwan’s…

Take the blue line south to the end of the line. That would be Yongning station. Go out exit 2 and do a 180 degree turn. Walk up that road, Chentien, and in about 3 km you will come to Chentien Temple. Some night market stands, especially in the afternoon and weekends. There are maps along the way that show various hiking trails. Nice way to spend a day.