High class Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant for elderly parents

Shinye in 101 is very good. Fantastic view as well.


That’s the first option I provided, yeah?

I don’t care if it’s the dog’s bollocks, I just need a restaurant that ticks the Michelin star boxes and isn’t really rich and heavy in the way the posh restaurants usually end up.

I think I’ll go with Shinye. Fingers crossed.

Yes they have a few branches, that one is in 101 pretty plush and nice experience . Food is great. It’s not overbearing at all. Its just a high end Taiwanese style restaurant but it.has lots of choices .

The dimsum places could be good as well, brother hotel mentioned, sure there are many others.

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How long will they stay? Surely you’ll have the time to take them around to more than just the one restaurant?

If I were to choose an expensive restaurant in Taiwan my last choice would be Chinese food. At a push I’d go Hakka.


Tainan Tan Tsu Mien Seafood Restaurant. Taiwanese, check. Michelin Star, check. Seafood, so not rich and heavy, check. Posh, check, AND it’s in snake alley, perfect for tourists!

Hsin yeh is very authentic Taiwanese. I’d take my parents to Din Tai Feng because of the service, or to Celestial for the roast duck. Order some other pedestrian dishes like fried shrimp, fried rice, vegetables and of course the crispy duck and you’re good to go. I took friends here for Christmas dinner and brought our own wine for a small corkage fee. Celestial (天廚菜館)
104, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Nanjing West Road, 1號
02 2563 2380

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They will be here for two weeks. I’ll take them to many restaurants.

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Beef noodles, gua bao, boiled dumplings, gua bing with an egg, wonton noodles. I think after a few meals, they need some Western food. Many good choices in Taipei.

Sorry, but I had to share this translation I got…

chick fil a translation

Fancier, huh? :laughing:


Chick-fil-a in Taiwan? We’re saved!

It is hard to relax in these stuffy restaurants, everyone just goes a little bit stiff, and it kills the conversation. I suppose alcohol could fix that. Pictures of that one on tripadvisor above look pretty gross, was that paw paw covered in mayo?

probably, there is little taste in these dishes, it’s mostly texture, chewy and QQ.
high end chinese food will be my last choice for an evening out…

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It’s going to be crap.

Having said that, the best pigeon I’ve ever had was in a Michelin star Chinese restaurant in Macau.

I would probably go for one of the high end hotel restaurants. bigger chances of the dishes being more acceptable to a western palate.
for CN food i can recommend
No. 8, Section 1, Keelung Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105
02 2760 0790

taiwanese style seafood, good quality, but decor far from posh / Michelin level

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I agree with the ‘local places are received better by folks not familiar with Chinese food’ comments as well.

If you want me to walk your wife through this thinking and convince her that she’s wrong, have her call me.

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Convince my wife she’s wrong? Challenging.


I agree with Brother Hotel, but I recommend the Orchid Restaurant on the second floor - it’s Taiwanese cuisine.
We took my parents there, regularly take out-of-town guests there, and my Taiwanese in-laws find it meets their high standards for hosting annual banquets, weddings, clients, etc.
The service is friendly, without being stuffy. You can also book a private room if you want.
They don’t actually have a Michelin star (I don’t think), but the food is clean, good quality, very tasty, and not terrifying to the Western palate.


That’s a decent restaurant. I haven’t been in a private room, but if that is comfortable (sometimes I feel they’re not) this would be the way to go. The Orchid Restaurant is a bit on the noisy/busy side (like the way a good decent dim sum restaurant is), and not all westerners like that.

The Sichuan restaurant on the 11th floor (I believe) is where I would go. And I would get a window seat so that I can see my old office and just thank God I am no longer there.

Hsin Yeh is good though I’ve never been to the 101 one.