High End Umbrellas?

I want to buy a really excellent umbrella that wont let me down. Where do they have a large selection of high quality umbrellas?



I got a kickass vented umbrella, big enough for two adults, with a graphite handle at Costco five years ago, and it’s still serving me well… :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen good quality foldup umbrellas? I always buy a good one to bring back when I am in the states but the last one has finally broken. The foldup ones I buy locally always break in a month or so. Has anyone seen a good brand name one anywhere like the local department stores? Thanks if you have.

I got a great one in the basement of Asia World.

I got a great one on a rack outside of 7-11.
They have all kinds of colors, sizes, and brands.

I stand amazed that this forum has gone from getting licorice flavored alcohol to an umbrella.
I conclude that EVERYBODY knows where to find EVERYTHING and I can now drink my scotch in peace without further bother.
On the side - I am very pleased that the forum works and you found your umbrella. I am much further pleased that nobody has to tell you how to find a tub of sour cream. For those that have been here a few “months” you understand that things have become alot easier to find here. How about before when everybody was talking abouit where to find a Snicker Bar? How about in 1997-1999 while prostitution was being made a curruptile standard as all businessmen ignored the President. Man, look back, Times have changed. Get your umbrella at any 7-11 and get your sour cream at the local market. Taiwan has changed for the better and all of us should be writing our Legislators to make sure they understand that Tofu is NOT the order of the day.

There’s a one year guarantee on my umbrella for any reason. There’s also a lifetime warranty on the metal parts. It cost about $1400 on sale from $2000 list price. It folds up to 14" long, yet it is quite large (one of the largest umbrellas people use). I bought it at the Taipei 101 Mall on the bottom floor from a lady working at a cart. Only trouble is that it’s a bit heavy. I bring it with me only on rain days. I bring my extra-light aluminum AstroBoy umbrella when I don’t expect rain. Taipei’s weather is so unpredictable, but a heavy umbrella is a bit of a bother, too.

Ok, I want one of these so I can sit in the rain at the park and watch movies on my phone. What is the name of it?

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If I saw anyone with one of these (who didn’t have to be outside in the rain for their job) I would be forced to mock them ruthlessly.


Why hasn’t this taken off in Taiwan? Plenty of similar set-ups on bikes and scooters.