High Heels and Hi-Tops (Saturday Nov 8) at Copa


If you were at Copa for the ‘Secret Handshake’ then you know what to expect. However, this time there will be bottled beer, plastic cups and some more staff behind the bar. And did we mention that ITS FREE!!!

But you do have to do one thing–send an email to DJMarcusA@gmail.com and write the first and last names of the people you are coming with. There will be a door person and if your (or your friend’s) name is not on the list, then you will be unable to get in. Also, it’s highly recommended to come early because once it fills up, that same door person will be letting people in by the one in one out policy. This means if you are inside and go out, then you have to wait in a line to get back in.

Musically we have a rotating roster of 5 DJ’s. Taipei’s finest
Marcus Aurelius(3XChamp)
CAP of Stereo:types(Prince of Darkness)
The Sofa Kings(the NKOTB of Taipei)
Digit(Digit Music Group)
and the dirty south’s turntable don,
Dan 2Hands(RapNerds)
. We’ll be switching the line up every month, so be prepared to enjoy yo’ self!

The first one kicks off on November 8th at Copa with musical duties being taken care of by Marcus Aurelius, CAP and The Sofa Kings.

But not only do you get good live music spun, mixed, scratched and dropped by the illest DJs, you also get the blog that goes with it


This one specifically caters to a new event that we will be holding once a month in and around Taipei City. As you can see from the title of the blog, the parties are about high heels and high tops. Its as simple as it sounds, ladies rock high heels, fellas rock a pair of high tops. Come out, hear some good tunes, party, have a good time and then come check the blog for pics.
We’ll also have some special treats for those who come out in high heels and high tops and of course come check the blog for updates on upcoming parties and pics.

So here’s what you can expect from us weekly:

[color=#0000FF]Manic Mondays[/color] – Random posts from the internetland
[color=#008000]New release Tuesdays[/color] – much like in the record stores, new music
[color=#FF0000]Strictly for the ladies Wednesdays[/color] – posts with our female readers in mind. We’re sensitive internet thugs.
No Country for Old Heads Thursdays – We’ll hit you with something interesting from the old school for you new schoolers
[color=#BFFFBF]All Access Fridays[/color] – music videos and info about where to party for the weekend, if its not our party.
[color=#FFFFFF]Shuffle Saturdays[/color] – whatever the hell we feel like posting
[color=#BF8080]Heaven or Hell Sundays[/color] – possibly a day of rest or mayhem…

We hope you enjoy it. Check in hourly, daily or weekly and feel free to leave comments and tell a friend.

Get out your freshest sneaks for Saturday night.

The blog is overflowing with activity. MPfrees and more

how is it live if it’s mixed by a DJ from a bunch of records?

I can take the LIVE vocals from Marvin Gaye singing the Star Spangled Banner at an NBA game in 1983 and filter out all the screams and yells and background music. Then I can take one of John Bonham LIVE drum solos and loop it at the same beats per minute LIVE and play it for everyone to get crazy to.

Three generations of liveness…

how is it live if it’s mixed by a DJ from a bunch of records?[/quote]
It’s live because the DJs play the records right at that time, see? If they went back in a time machine to play them a week ago or even a few hours ago, it wouldn’t be live any more then, would it?

I do hope the DJs recover soon, though. I’m not sure if the OP should be making a “selling point” out of their poor health.